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Waking Up in Vegas

Waking Up in Vegas

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Paperback copies come with signed (and personalized by request) book, and variety of stickers.

Please put the name you would like on your personalized book in the special instructions box in the checkout page! 


In the city that never sleeps...
Marissa Jung Waters is a workaholic – a Group Sales Manager by day and a cocktail waitress some nights at the newest lux hotel on the Las Vegas Strip - the Blossom. Despite being all for the grandeur of the Vegas hotel scene, she’s made a vow to stay away from the “sin” in Sin City after falling into it's trap. But, her resistance fades when she’s forced by her BFF Kayley to visit a nightclub to celebrate her birthday. While there, she meets (and kisses) a man that sweeps her off her feet, only to meet the woman he hooked up with seconds prior.
The following week, Marissa is called into a company-wide meeting announcing the new Director of Operations of the Blossom and Marissa’s shocked to see that it’s the man she kissed at the club. To add – it’s Kellen Zhang, the son of the owner of the Blossom Hotel, newly arrived from NYC to continue his journey of working in the family business.
On Kellen’s first day, he’s met with death glares and disrespect from the hotel’s employees. An heir in control? No thank you. To make matters even worse, he’s almost kidnapped on the casino floor. Kellen barely escapes, with the help of a familiar face coming to his rescue. He asks Marissa if she’d be interested in adding another job on her plate – work closely as his detective-slash-bodyguard to figure out who is out for him. Marissa’s hesitant at the offer – she’s already feeling a mix of emotions from their meet disaster, and Kellen’s trying to earn her forgiveness. Will she be able to resist the man she can't stop thinking about? And what secrets will she unearth as she explores a side of Vegas she vowed to let go of?

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