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Match Game (Preorder)

Match Game (Preorder)

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Lydia Goh always lives day to day as if she has something to prove. As her alma mater’s Director of Esports Gaming, she’s trying to get a new team on the map in an industry that hasn’t shown much love to women taking charge.

To unwind from the stresses of proving herself, she goes to play a popular co-op game. Her go to partner isn’t available, so she settles for a stranger that goes by PianoPuck18 online. Striking up an easy conversation with him, she wants to spend more time talking to him, even if she knows nothing more about him.

After a rather heartbreaking rejection, Lydia is surprised when the voice of her mystery man reappears at a hockey game and she realizes PianoPuck18 is none other than professional hockey player, Griffin Markey. He explains that he ghosted Lydia because he doesn’t want anyone to endure the fame he can’t escape but now Lydia has something to prove fake date Griffin to show she can handle the whirlwind of a “famous person romance.” But those feelings never really went away, and Lydia and Griffin are left to figure out if “fake” is truly the way they want to go on.

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